1.0) The acceptance of the general terms and concepts is absolutely indispensable to the use of the services offered by COLECIONEI.

1.1) The user must read, make sure that he/she understands and agrees with all the conditions estblished in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policies before making his registration as a user of COLECIONEI.

2.0) The Service and its contents are not intended for children under 13 years of age. COLECIONEI does not consciously collect or request any information from users under 13 years of age or knowingly allow such persons to sign up for the service.

2.1) If personal information is collected from a child under 13 years of age, without the consent of those responsible, that information will be excluded.

2.2) By registering for the application, the user declares that the data entered in his registration is true and is committed to keeping his contact information always accurate and up-to-date.

2.3) COLECIONEI is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data entered by its users. The users guarantee and respond, in any case, civilly and criminally for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of the personal data registered.

2.4) COLECIONEI reserves the right to suspend a previously accepted registration, which is in disagreement with the General Terms and Conditions.

2.5) If the user has registered through his Facebook account, he declares that the information obtained in his profile is true, that the account is his property and that it is not shared with third parties.

2.6) The user will access his account through email and password or through Facebook and undertakes not to inform this data to third parties, being fully responsible for its use.

2.7) The user undertakes to notify COLECIONEI of any unauthorized use of his account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties. If he does not do so, the user will be the only responsible for the operations made on his page, since access will only be possible through the inclusion of the password or via Facebook, ways of knowledge and exclusive property of the user.

3.0) If COLECIONEI decides to check the veracity of the user's registration data and to verify that there are incorrect or untrue data, COLECIONEI may temporarily or permanently suspend the account.

3.1) If there is temporary or permanent suspension of the user's account, for the reasons described above or others that are in disagreement with the General Terms and Conditions, the posts of the rescpective user will automatically be canceled and he shall not, for this reason, be entitled to any reimbursement or indemnification.

3.2) If the account is disabled, the user can not create another one, without previous authorization of the team COLECIONEI.

4.0) No content related to pornography, pedophilia, discrimination of any kind (race, social class, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, etc.), gratuitous violence or conduct that creates or represents intimidation, hostility, humiliation, harassment or sexual harassment, hate speech, incitement to violence, as well as any discrimination described above is allowed. COLECIONEI reserves the right to exclude this type of publication and suspend or ban the user account at its discretion, without prior notice.

4.1) If the user finds any content that he considers inappropriate, but does not violate the Terms and Conditions, we advise that he or she stop following or block the person responsible for the publication.

4.2) However, after reviewing the application guidelines and verifying that the General Terms and Conditions have been violated by third parties, the user may, through the REPORT button, report the abuse in question.

4.3) COLECIONEI will remove only accounts and publications that do not comply with the General Terms and Conditions.

4.4) The application will not mediate discussions between users using the platform. Should any conflict or discussion become a real threat, or the user feels injured, we suggest that those involved should contact the local authorities.

4.5) If COLECIONEI is legally activated by an authority, it may work together and provide the necessary information to investigate the case. However, we will not provide information about people who use the service, except for requests made through a valid legal process.

5.0) COLECIONEI does not allow the user to publish unauthorized commercial communications on its site.

5.1) COLECIONEI does not allow the user to disseminate viruses or other malicious code, in order to disable, overburden or prevent the proper operation of the service or that may cause damages to third parties.

5.2) COLECIONEI will not be responsible for any virus that may attack the user's equipment due to access, use or navigation in the system or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, texts, videos or audio.

5.3) COLECIONEI is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the user due to failures in the internet, the system or the server.

6.0) It is the responsibility of the user the content published in COLECIONEI. It is essential to publish authentic content and not to reproduce images, videos or other media belonging to third parties, except with prior authorization.

6.1) All brands of products displayed on the COLECIONEI are owned by their creators. All rights reserved.

6.2) COLECIONEI does not agree and is not responsible for any postings, advertisements or similar that violate intellectual property rights, be they copyright, patent, trademark, model and / or industrial design.

6.3) Any natural or juridical person, holder of an Intellectual Property right that considers that his right has been harmed by a post in COLECIONEI, may request the removal of the advertisement or posting. If this happens, please contact our support, at: for any clarification and conduct.

7.0) COLECIONEI is not a provider of any products or services advertised on its platforms.

7.1) COLECIONEI provides a consistent service in the offer of a product that promotes interaction between users of collectors of the most diverse articles, not being responsible for selling, exchange, loan of items or other commercial activities.

7.2) If there is any commercial transaction in the platform, COLECIONEI will not be responsible for the existence, quantity, quality, status, integrity or legitimacy of the products offered, purchased or sold by users.

7.3) The user recognizes that he is solely responsible for the products he publishes or for the offers he makes.

7.4) COLECIONEI will not be responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed among the users. The user acknowledges and accepts that when negotiating with other users or third parties he does so at his own risk, recognizing COLECIONEI as a mere supplier of virtual space for the dissemination of collections and products.

8.0) COLECIONEI may at any time, without notice to users, modify or extinguish any service and / or content of the site.

8.1) The user will be notified whenever there is a change in the terms described above, and if he continues to use the services of COLECIONEI, it will be concluded that the terms, policies or guidelines have been accepted in their entirety.