1.0) These Privacy Policies apply to all registered users and are part of the COLECIONEI General Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.1) These Privacy Policies contain clear and complete information about the collect, use, storage, treatment and protection of the personal data of COLECIONEI users and visitors.

1.2) By using the COLECIONEI service, the user agrees to access a platform where he can post content, including photos, comments and other materials, and also share this content.

1.3) The users will be able to search, view, use or share any content made publicly available through the service, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

1.4) All information or personal data of the user is stored on high security servers. Except in relation to the information that is published on the sites, COLECIONEI will take all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of confidential information, but shall not be liable for any damages that may arise as a result of the disclosure of such information by third parties. using public networks or the Internet, subverting security systems to access user information.

2.0) COLECIONEI may send email to the user related to the service (for example, account verification, service feature changes / updates, technical and security warnings). These service-related emails can not be declined.

2.1) COLECIONEI automatically collects and stores some information about the activity of registered users and visitors. Such information may include the browser they use and their access IPs, pages visited, searches performed, advertisements, messages, physical or electronic addresses, among others that may be stored and retained.

2.2) COLECIONEI may require advertisers or other partners to provide advertisements or services to its devices, and such ads or services may use cookies or similar technologies installed by COLECIONEI or by the third party. Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or are users of the tool, and in this way, better understand their needs and interests and give them a better service or provide them with related information.

2.3) The installation, permanence and existence of cookies on the user's computer will depend on their sole discretion and may be deleted from his computer when the user so wishes.

3.0) COLECIONEI will not be responsible for the practices employed by any site or service, linked through a link to the application or the website. When the user uses a link to go from COLECIONEI to another page, this Privacy Policy will no longer apply.

3.1) The navigation and interaction with any page or service outside the COLECIONEI platform is subject to the rules and policies of those third parties. In addition, the user agrees that COLECIONEI is not responsible and has no control over any third party who is authorized to access his user content.

4.0) Once registered in the application, COLECIONEI will not sell, rent or share personal information, except as provided in these Privacy Policies.

4.1) COLECIONEI will be able to access the contact lists of the mobile devices used by its users. Users, in turn, acknowledge that they may authorize the sharing of such information. This data will only be used to locate and dial mobile phone numbers and / or email addresses of potential users.

4.2) Regarding potential users, COLECIONEI will not store names, addresses, ID numbers or other information that may identify a person.

4.3) Will not be considered personal information, and therefore not subject to secrecy, the information that was already in the public domain at the time it was received, or will become public domain without breaching the obligations assumed; which shall be known to the parties in a non-confidential manner, received from third parties, the acquisition and disclosure of which has been totally independent, without breach of any of the obligations hereunder and without any secrecy; or whose disclosure is required by law, regulation or administrative, judicial or arbitral decision.

5.0) By registering for the application, the user expressly acknowledges and agrees that COLECIONEI may intermediate and store electronic message exchanges among users within the community, with the primary objective of providing security in community relations and communications.

5.1) The user, upon registering, manifests knowledge and can exercise his / her rights to access and update his or her personal data. The user guarantees and responds for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data, and undertakes to keep them updated.

5.2) At any moment the user registered in COLECIONEI may request the definitive exclusion of his data or the cancellation of his registration, except for the maintenance hypotheses provided by law.

5.3) In exceptional cases, in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, the personal data of users who have expressly requested their removal will be kept in the files of COLECIONEI or even of the ones that were excluded because they did not comply with the norms of the application. This information may be used to resolve disputes or complaints, to detect problems or incidents and to comply with the terms of the General Terms and Conditions.

6.0) COLECIONEI may, without prior notice, revise its Privacy Policy, however, undertakes to make public any changes made thereto. 

6.1) Continued use of the platform, after changes made to the Privacy Policies, will imply acceptance of the terms, policies or guidelines changed in their entirety.

6.2) All items in this Privacy Policy are governed by the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. For all matters concerning interpretation, compliance or any other questioning related to this Privacy Policy, the parties agree to submit to the Forum of the City of São Paulo-SP.