The collection was born in a brainstorm of three people who had the desire to create an innovative startup. Among several ideas, they elected the colecionei because it came to serve a wide audience with collections that had nothing different to meet their needs in an organized, easy and fast way.

  • Jean Pierre Delmotte, 62, has done almost everything in life and brings a great deal of experience.

  • Thiago Delmotte, 30, with more than 15 years of software engineering experience and a huge collection of Minions!

  • Sarah Vieira, 31, a nurse by profession and creative by conviction.

  • Vitor Sueki, 32, fullstack, with 8 years of technology experience.

    Usually the collections were so far either in a drawer or on the shelf, and if we wanted to show them to someone, there were not many possibilities.

    We have launched the colecionei with all the functionalities to catalog and organize the items of your collection so that everyone can see, appreciate and share.

    We all had collections that we deeply miss, but unfortunately, at the time, the colecionei did not exist to eternalize them.